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Mental Health Skill-Building

Mental Health Skill-Building is a community-based program committed to providing adult mental health life skills training to individuals 18 years old and older. Our goal is to encourage and support independence at home and in the community. We will provide on-going support and guidance toward an individualized service plan (ISP). Our experienced mental health professionals visit several times per week and work side-by-side with participants in the home and in the community to address deficits in skills that are preventing individuals from reaching their full potential. Mental health skill-building includes but is not limited to:

  • Needs and strengths assessment
  • Individualized service planning
  • Training and reinforcement in daily living skills
  • Connection with community resources
  • Develop functional skills to overcome mental health symptoms
  • Coordination of care
  • Symptom and medication management
  • Education and monitoring of nutrition and physical condition
  • Budgeting your finances

In order to qualify, the individual must have had all of the following:

1) A primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness such as (but not limited to) Major Depression Recurrent, Bipolar, or Schizophrenia.

2) History of at least 1 psychiatric hospitalization, TDO, PACT or ICT service, Crisis Stabilization (residential or non-residential), or placement in a residential treatment facility.

3) A prescription in the past year for an antipsychotic, mood stabilizer, or antidepressant.

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