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 Growth in Behavioral Health

 mindSet is ready and able to help your business compete, thrive, and overcome the challenges of today's behavioral health market. We offer a variety of business  solutions to include consulting, program development, audit preparation and assistance, and behavioral management training.

Consulting and Program Development

Navigating the Virginia market of community-based and behavioral health can be difficult. Whether you are starting a company from the ground up or already have an established company, mindSet can help. If your behavioral health business offers Mental Health Skill-Building, Intensive In-Home, and/or Outpatient services, we can consult in the following areas:


  • Initial business setup
  • Utilization management
  • Submittals for authorization of service
  • Meeting clinical necessity of the service
  • Increasing profit margins and revenues
  • Human resource management
  • Policy development
  • Quality assurance and risk management
  • Time and task management
  • Organizational structure
  • Work and communication flow

Audit Preparation and Assistance

An audit from Licensing, DMAS, or Magellan is an anxiety-provoking experience for business-owners and employees alike. Having achieved a triennial license with no infractions, our team has proven themselves able to develop systems and strategies for minimizing risk of penalty during audits. Whether you have a specific concern to address or want a full mock audit performed, mindSet has the staff, experience, and resources needed to help your business thrive in the face of an inevitable audit.

Behavioral Management Training

We are proud to offer the services of Paul Dearman, M.S., Resident in Counseling, and Certified Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Instructor. CPI's nonviolent crisis intervention training is the premier licensing-approved behavior management program. This interactive and engaging training program will be custom-tailored to the needs of your organization, including a review or development of behavior management policies as well as the training of your employees. The program focuses on the prevention of acting-out episodes with very clear, specific, and effective strategies. At the same time, the training utilizes the techniques in a way that helps your employees to feel confident in their ability to ensure the greatest care, welfare, safety, and security for all. The instruction includes training on proper documentation of critical incidents to ensure that the individual and organization are legally protected.